This organization is formed to carry out the following purposes of its members:

  • To foster continuing and expanding information to the Greater San Joaquin community about the establishment of a single payer health care system and to provide an enduring local organization affiliated to California Alliance for Retired Americans in association with the national organization “Health Care-Now!” and the statewide Campaign for a Healthy California as well as co-operation with social, community, political, and governmental entities that educate about single payer health care.
  • To develop and encourage a grass root voice within California communities and to foster continuing adherence to democratic ideas supporting universal single payer health care.
  • To promote accessibility to Organizational activity among interested citizens and to encourage more citizens to become knowledgeable and active in health care issues.


 Media Resources for Single Payer Activists

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Monthly Meeting
When: 2nd Thursday of every month, 6:30pm
Where: John C Morearty Peace and Justice Center,
231 Bedford Road, Stockton
Contact: Cathy Mathis, MD (310) 995-7637 E-mail